My year in review

It’s been about 13 months since I started at NICTA. Yesterday was our team offsite and I was reflecting about the time I’ve spent here so far. Thought I might put it down in writing.

In that time I’ve worked on 17 projects, across 4 business teams and in a range of capacities that fully reach into every corner of my career experience.

I’ve had to learn fast about machine learning, big data, the cloud, algorithms. That coding languages are fashionable and cyclical and how patents work. I’ve been exposed to amazing information and had to get up to speed on genetics, geothermal, business rules, transport infrastructure, radiology, performance assurance, forensic video and the health of structures like bridges.

I assist in defining product propositions and put a usable interface onto emerging technologies so NICTA can go to industry with working prototypes that not only work for real, but also help to showcase the technologies used, to assist and influence change in industry. These then spin-out into fully fledge products and companies. Just like a startup incubator.

Some of the projects have been full end-to-end ux, interaction design and ui design right up to visual design and review; others have been simple consultations advising and/or directing developers on best practises or assisting in proposition development. And there has been a broad range of all in-between including art direction for video clips and brand designs.

The methodologies for each project have also varied and include full agile, “agile-but”, and the deliverables up front approach – all with the same thing in common, deep collaborative engagement with the full team to produce a viable product.

I work everyday with people who are deeply passionate about their projects, there is almost no ego and there is a genuine dedication to their work that I’ve not seen before anywhere I’ve worked.

They are seriously, the smartest people I’ve ever met and I constantly oscillate between mind boggling awe of their awesomely cool work and feeling like an ant surrounded by giants.

And they really like my work. So I am humbled and honoured and have to say it’s been the best move I ever made.

All those things you hear from the mass “Why isn’t there thing that does such-and-such?” “You think someone would come up with a better whatsy”

Well these people are building those things and more.


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  1. What a lovely summary, it’s so great to read something so positive. I’m inspired by your positive energy.

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